Child Support

Child Support

Child Support Payments by Divorce

Child Support Payments are not collected through the clerk's office unless a court order states that it shall be paid through the clerk's office.

For any questions you have about how to have your payment properly credited, check status of a payment or to obtain payment history, please contact the child support payment center . You will need your 16 digit case number 31DRYEAR######.## or 31CSYEAR-######.##

To change your address for child support payments, you must complete and mail a Change of Address form. We do not accept this information by phone.

Alabama now offers two new ways to pay your child support. Payments may be made by using ExpertPay or MoneyGram. For more information on how to sign up and make a payment using one of these methods go to or

Mail Payments to:
Alabama Child Support Payment Center (ACSPC)
P.O. Box 244015
Montgomery, AL 36124-4015

Phone: 1-877-774-9513
Child Support Web Site

DHR Child Support Cases

Child Support Court is held every Tuesday before Kathleen Warren, Juvenile Referee. Review dockets and DNA dockets are held once a month.

Once a case is filed by DHR it is given a case number, assigned a court date and issued for service on the defendant. The defendant must be served the paperwork before the case can proceed. If you are being represented by the Department of Human Resources, you will need to stay in contact with your case worker regarding your case. If you are represented by a private attorney, you will need to stay in contact with him/her regarding your case. By law, we cannot give legal advice.

General contact information is available below for the Alabama Central Disbursement Division (ACDD) and Etowah County's DHR.

Alabama Central Disbursement Division

P.O. Box 4960
Montgomery, AL 36103-4960

Phone: 1-877-774-9513
Voice Response: 1-888-726-9799
Fax: (334) 954-5181

Department of Human Resources

210 Hoke Street

Gadsden, AL 35903
Phone: (256) 549-4100

Employment Changes

For DHR Cases:

If the custodial party has retained child support enforcement at DHR, you will need to notify the case worker if there is an employment change and a new income withholding order needs to be issued. They will send one from their office.

For Private Cases (Non DHR):

Complete and return to the clerk's office a change of employment form and request for service as well as a new income withholding order. Include physical address of the employer. If the address is out of state or is a P.O. Box, you will need to prepare certified mail receipts and include a check or money order (payable to the U.S. Postmaster) for $6.77 certified mail fees.

Termination of IWO

Termination of income withholding once ALL children have reached the age of majority (19) or are no longer subject to withholding because of death, marriage, or otherwise becoming emancipated.

You can terminate the income withholding order (IWO) for child support, if no arrearage is owed. Complete and return to the clerk's office an affidavit for termination of IWO, form CS-44 & CS-45 or CS-37. Child Support Forms. Along with the affidavit, you will need a separate sheet of paper with both party's current address and the employer's current address. Filing fee is $28.00. Payment may be made by cash, cashier's check, or money order made payable to Cassandra Johnson, Clerk. The process will take at least 30 days due to the fact the person receiving support has to be notified and has 20 days to object to the order being terminated. If there is an objection, it will be set for hearing.

Contact Information:
Etowah County Circuit Clerk’s Office
801 Forrest Ave., Suite 202
Gadsden, AL 35901
Child Support Division: 256-549-5350 ~ 256-549-5435
Kathleen Warren, Juvenile Referee: 256-549-5457
Etowah County Department of Human Resources: 256-549-4100